Monday, August 24, 2009

Making Dreams Come True

Have you ever gone to Disney World? Played in a big sports game? Sang in front of hundreds of people? Or done anything so exciting you couldn't fall asleep because your mind was so busy dreaming already?

I had that same problem just last night as I laid in bed trying to get some sleep before my very last, first day of school.

Just like a trip to the amusement park, or another exciting adventure, I was so preoccupied dreaming up great opportunities that I could hardly fall asleep. We tend to expect that anticipation and excitement from students starting their first day at college...but a senior, REALLY?

It's no secret, I've always liked school, but as a veteran here at Mizzou I expected today to be like any other day in my college career. I was so comfortable, I didn't look up the location of my 9 a.m. class until 8 a.m., right before leaving my apartment to pick up my parking pass, both things that most students did at least seven days ago! So it's easy to see I wasn't awake because of nerves, but more for excitement.

Like other students here at Mizzou, and more specifically in the College of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources, I am confident my college experiences have prepared me to succeed after graduation. While I certainly plan to savor every last minute I have on campus, I can't help my excitement for the world that awaits me beyond Columbia.

Call me biased, but I've found this mindset to be unique when I look to other schools on our campus. The CAFNR family nurtures students to help us build the experiences and skills to be successful adults.

One example of this nurturing comes in the form of professional development, offered right here from the folks at CAFNR Career Services. Because of the networking and lessons I've learned from their programs, services, and advice, I know transitioning from college to career will be an experience to help make my dreams come true!

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